PDF maker error

Missing pdf maker files for Office 2007

After several months working, my MS Office 2007 applications stopped giving me the ability to create pdf files in Acrobat Pro . I only received the error PDFMaker Files not found.

I solved this by:
* Open Office Application (i.e. Word)
* Click the Office Icon in upper left corner
* Click the “Word Options” button bottom right
* Select Add-ins from the left column
* (I scrolled through the box and noticed that for some reason the PDFMaker Com Office Add-in was disabled)
* I went to the Manage drop down box at the bottom and selected “Disabled Items” and hit Go
* Enabled the PDFMaker Add-in
* Restarted

Then everything was back to normal! Hope that helps if someone comes to the same problem.

Thanks to bishop

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